Barca vs Celta Vigo: Xavi’s Press Conference

Xavi spoke about the possible role of Frenkie in defense, Raphinha’s optimal position, reliance on Lewandowski, Chadi Riad’s inclusion, Balde’s role in important games, and the match against Celta Vigo in his pre-match Press Conference.

Barca vs Celta Vigo: Xavi’s Press Conference

Xavi on the match against Celta Vigo:

“It’ll be a different match from Inter & Mallorca. We’ll try to prove ourselves tomorrow and show our style. We have to show a good response after the match against Inter. It’ll not be easy because Celta is playing well & they keep the ball.”

Xavi on Frenkie de Dong:

“Frenkie can play as a defender and we tried that at the beginning of the season, he’s quick & we also have options. We’re fortunate to have many players that can play in many positions, & Frenkie is an option in that position.”

“Will Frenkie de Jong participate tomorrow? Yes, he is 100% ready, we will see tomorrow, he contributes a lot, physically he gives us a lot, and on the defensive side as well.”

“Frenkie also reaches the opponent’s areas and does not lose several balls, gives us energy, and can play anywhere, it is great to have him.”

Xavi on the VAR official in the match against Inter:

“It is interesting that it was the same referee on VAR who didn’t award a penalty for Dembélé against Bayern that officiated our previous match against Inter Milan as well.”

Xavi on Araujo’s recovery:

“Araujo is currently trying to recover, he is a warrior, yesterday, we watched the training, and he motivated us, his style is positive, if there is a player who can come back quickly it is Araujo.”

Xavi on Dembele:

“I said from day one that he is a professional. He made a difference in several matches and he has to do that in every game. He has the capabilities & he has to believe in himself to try to score more.”

Xavi on Chadi Riad:

“We know Chadi, he’s a great central defender, left-footed, good on the ball. We follow him like everyone else, but he has already shown things and he can be an important footballer for us.”

Xavi on Dembele and Raphinha’s positon:

“It depends on the game, Dembélé sometimes plays on the left and scores, Raphinha can also play there, on the right he might be more comfortable, we have wingers that can give us a lot.”

Xavi on Barca’s reliance on Lewandowski:

“We have to improve in this aspect, we have to improve in free kicks and shooting from outside the box. All players have to try to score more.”

Xavi on not starting Balde in important games:

“It depends on the needs of the team, if the team focuses on depth, it depends on several things, there are several factors in which I determine my decision.”

Xavi on using Raphinha on the left flank:

“Today we talked about the individual level. It is good to talk and see how they feel. He feels comfortable on the side but we thought that he would help us if he plays on the left flank against Inter Milan.”

Xavi on Pique:

“Piqué is a strong player mentally, one of the strongest I’ve met professionally and personally, he helps us, with him and with the leaders, I’m happy for them. I’ve said many times they will be important players and will be ready when the team needs them.”

Xavi on Busquets:

“Busquets is an important player for me, I’ve always said that. He balances us and he is an important player, a player that gives us security.”

Xavi on Ferran Jutgla:

“Jugtlà is shining, do I regret letting him go? I’m very happy for him, I know him well. If he was here it would be difficult because there is Lewandowski and I’m happy for Ferran. He makes the difference with his new team and that’s amazing.”

Xavi on the lack of playing time for Ferran:

“Ferran Torres is fine, 100%, as it is clear that there is competition and we have to choose, but he will play and participate and will be an important player, he is training well and he is an example for his teammates.”

Xavi on his tactics against Celta Vigo:

“There are times when we have to go out and create more. I’m focused on tomorrow’s match and I told the players about that. We have to shoot & try to score when we have the ball. We have to be more daring and optimistic in front of the goal.”

Xavi on Griezmann’s deal:

“It’s not official yet. If an agreement is reached, it means that all parties are satisfied & I wish the best for the player as well.”

Xavi on his team’s attitude after the defeat against Inter:

“We are angry but still positive. The good thing is that we still rely on ourselves.”

Xavi on the match against Inter and the El Clasico:

“We aren’t thinking of Inter or the Clásico. We are currently focused on Celta.”

Xavi on Barca not filing a complaint to UEFA:

“We decided not to, we talked and decided not to file a complaint.”

Xavi on refereeing in the game against Inter:

“I’ve not protested against the referees but the game against Inter was crazy.”

That concluded Xavi’s press conference.


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