Barca vs Sevilla: Xavi’s Press Conference

Barca vs Sevilla: Xavi spoke about Barca’s summer transfer window, Jordi Alba’s transfer saga and role in the team, Aubameyang’s departure, Alemany’s work during the summer window, the future of the veterans, signings of Bellerin and Alonso and the match against Sevilla during his pre-match press conference.

Barca vs Sevilla: Xavi’s Press Conference

Xavi on the match against Sevilla:

“The Sevilla match will be competitive. They are direct and fast. They are a team competing in the Champions League. They will undoubtedly make things difficult for us and we know how difficult it is to win at their stadium.”

Xavi on Lopetegui:

“Lopetegui manages his team well and I think that their start to the season was not fair, they could have won more points. We will strive to play with our philosophy and try to control the ball.”

Xavi on this summer transfer window:

“Yes, I feel comfortable now. The management did a great job. We have a competitive team and we have to prove that. Our goal is to win all the titles this season. I think our transfer window was great but could’ve been perfect if we could’ve signed an extra player but I’m not complaining.”

Xavi on not signing Bernardo Silva:

“We’ve made a great squad for Barca. When we lose, I will take the blame. Many players made sacrifices to come here, and I personally spoke to them. I will not talk about players who are not with us.”

Xavi on Alemany:

“I would grade him an A. He is an administrator, and he’s excellent, during the meeting with him you feel that you have produced many things, and I am comfortable with him. Barca is in good hands with Jordi Cruyff, and Alemany as a part of the management team.”

“I’m comfortable working with the management and the president. Everyone is doing well, and Jordi Cruyff is a loyal club person. We talked about the players we would like to sign and others who are leaving.”

Xavi on Alba being offered to Inter Milan:

“Alba is a key player in our squad and he is important to the team. He will undoubtedly play a role during the season, but no player is safe from anything. I want Jordi Alba to stay in the team as a captain. I am close to him and whether he plays or not, I have no doubts about his commitment to the club.”

Xavi on Pique:

“From now on, only players who are physically ready will be playing. Piqué is calm, he trains well and he does his own extra sessions.”

“My choice of the playing XI is based on my tactical view of the match. When I pick Pique, they ask me why I did not choose Araujo, and if I picked Araujo, they ask me why I didn’t start Koundé.”

Xavi on Veterans leaving at the end of this season:

“In your last season as a player, you played only 50% of matches then you realized it was time to leave. Does this apply to your former teammates who are currently playing? it happens to everyone, it will even happen to Pedri when he’s 34 years old.”

Xavi on Memphis staying at the club:

“I spoke to him 2-3 weeks ago, he’s an easy-going player with a great experience. He is a natural leader, fully committed to the team. His participation will depend on his level, and we as a crew will decide. This applies to all players.”

Xavi on Bellerin and Alonso:

“Bellerin is a player who grew up here, and he’s a great professional. I think it will help us a lot. Alonso is also a player who will help us a lot. I’m happy with them, and we had to support our two full-back positions with depth.”

Xavi on being Barca’s coach:

“Part of the job of coaching Barcelona is to be under pressure every day. When you achieve good results, you are the best, when you are defeated, you cannot go out on the street. However, I am happy with the current situation.”

Xavi on Alonso’s registration:

“We are optimistic that Alonso’s registration issue will be resolved tonight before midnight. We are waiting, and the club is working on it in order to register him in the Champions League as well.”

Xavi on Aubameyang’s departure:

“I feel bad that all the players have left. They were professional, disciplined, and trained well, and I had no problem with them. I feel bad about Aubameyang leaving after all he did for us.”

Xavi on Eric Garcia’s role:

“He’s a great player, who’s alert and focused for the 90 minutes. He is able to be a team leader. There isn’t a lot of feedback on him, and I think he can do a lot. Nothing has changed since last season. He is 21 years old and could be a captain. He is at a very good level.”

Xavi on Pjanic:

“As I said before, Pjanic can help us. With all the midfielders, Frenkie, Busquets, and Kessié. It’s difficult for everyone to play every minute but we give everyone a chance.”

Xavi on Right Back against Sevilla:

“I really know who the right-back will be for tomorrow’s match, we are working on that from training. Bellerin can also help us in that position.”

That concluded Xavi’s press conference.

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