Barca vs Valladolid: Xavi’s Press Conference

Xavi spoke about Kounde’s registration, Champions League draws, signing a new Right Back, Balde’s role, Fati’s recovery, Bernardo Silva’s arrival, possible exits of Aubameyang and Memphis Depay, and the match against Valladolid.

Barca vs Valladolid: Xavi's Press Conference
Barca vs Valladolid: Xavi’s Press Conference

Xavi on Jules Kounde:

“We are sure that Kounde will play tomorrow against Valladolid.”

Xavi on Valladolid’s coach:

“The coach of Valladolid is a brave and attacking coach. It will be a tough game. We must score the first goal as soon as possible.”

Xavi on the Champions League draw:

“Champions League draw? We’ve got the toughest group for 10-12 years but we have to compete and win.”

Xavi on Balde:

“Let’s see tomorrow, he’s playing very well. He has a great personality, he’s able to defend in his area and attack. He’s a player for the present and the future, and this is not easy at his age.”

Xavi on Bernardo Silva:

“There is always hope but we know that it will be difficult with a few days left until the end of the window and with the current situation. I think that would be very difficult and there has to be some exits on our part.”

Xavi on signing a new Right Back:

“We don’t have a natural option beyond Dest, who knows what his situation is. The club’s intention is to strengthen the right-back position.”

Xavi on Ansu Fati’s role:

“I think we’re going well with him. Right now, 30 minutes of him playing is enough, but I see him doing well. He is happy and makes the team better but it is a long process for him to get fully fit.”

Xavi on Ter Stagen:

“Ter Stegen has a special kind of leadership. He is serious, disciplined, and professional. When he speaks, everyone listens to him. Last season, he also saved us. I remind him of a number of great matches he’s had, and he’s doing that this year as well.”

Xavi on Pablo Torre:

“I have already spoken to him, I think if he stays he will do well, but this is Barcelona and it is difficult to get minutes but he is training well.”

Xavi on signing a new Left Back:

“I think the left back position is well covered with Jordi Alba and Balde.”

Xavi on possible exits of Aubameyang & Memphis:

“I don’t rule out anything or any possibility. Whether Auba goes or Memphis goes, there are a lot of things that can happen.”

Xavi on Braithwaite’s situation:

“Braithwaite has a contract with Barcelona, ​​but he knows since May 17 that I do not rely on him, now his situation depends on negotiations with the club.”

Xavi on changing his tactics:

“Yes, it all depends on the opponent, the conditions around the match, and the performance of our players in training. I think that’s good for the team, and bad news for the opponents.”

Xavi on Pique’s role:

“I spoke with Pique before the vacation and told him that there would be a lot of competition and it would be difficult for him. He can help us in another role and everything depends on the opportunities that will be given to him.”

Xavi on giving up on signing Marcos Alonso:

“You don’t listen to me, I said I wouldn’t rule out anything as long as the transfer market is open.”

That concluded Xavi’s press conference.

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