Barcelona can replace Xavi without needing to worry about FFP


Barcelona's president Joan Laporta arrives to a training session on the eve of their UEFA Champions League quarter-final second leg football match against Paris SG at the training center in Barcelona on April 15, 2024.
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A lot of hope rides on the management of FC Barcelona to make the right decisions moving forward. The Catalan club has already been riddled with negative rumors surrounding it, and it would be ideal if the board were to overcome them. However, just as hope for improvement arrives, even more woes begin to torment Barcelona.

In recent days, the future of Xavi Hernandez has not looked too promising. The current head coach of Barcelona reportedly has differences with the board of the club and the higher-ups at Barça were not exactly fond of the manager’s words in a recent press conference.

Consequently, it is speculated that the club is already looking to replace the coach. However, while that hunt for an alternative is a headache of its own, another big concern is if Barcelona will ultimately even be able to afford the integration of a new head coach given their financial limitations.

According to Mundo Deportivo, however, that should not be an issue for the Catalan club. The report claims that La Liga’s own rules permit the incorporation of a new head coach even if the team exceeds the allocated fair play or salary limit imposed upon them.

In Article 97 (Point 3) of La Liga’s Budget Preparation Rules of Clubs and SADs, the ruling clearly states:

“For the case of Clubs/SADs that exceed their Squad Cost Limit at the beginning of season T (in this case 2024-2025) and do not have the cost of their Technical Staff registered in the total Squad Cost, this cost will be registered within the Squad Cost of season T (2024-2025), despite not having made the necessary operations of squad cost savings or increases in Squad Limit or registration capacity necessary for this.”

“However, if during the entire season T (2024-2025) the Club/SAD does not perform the necessary operations to account for the cost of the aforementioned Technical Staff as part of its Registrable Squad Cost for that season, this cost will be increased by 20% in the Registrable Squad Cost for season T+1 (2025-2026).”

This would mean that the club would have to then integrate that cost into the budget for next season, and make sure to see it be implemented within their allowance for the season in question.

However, in the event that they fail to balance that additional cost, Barcelona would hypothetically then have to continue having to balance it into the season after that, the 2025-2026 season in this case, with a 20% increase in the amount they have to balance as a consequence.

For now, much of the information around Barça’s coaching position is mainly speculation. Only time will tell if it is indeed Xavi Hernandez or some other alternative that ends up leading the Barcelona team into action in the upcoming season following the summer transfer window.

Raafay Humayun
Raafay Humayun
Raafay Humayun is a life-long fan of FC Barcelona and an avid enjoyer of all things Blaugrana. Having fallen in love with the club for the way they defined football for him, he now spends his time watching games, analyzing the happenings in them, and digesting any and everything related to his beloved Catalan club. He also writes as an author for Barca News Network hoping to deliver the latest updates to his fellow ‘culés’.

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