Barcelona outcast forward will play against Cadiz, confirms Xavi


Barcelona's Spanish coach Xavi arrives for a training session on the eve of their UEFA Champions League last 16 second leg football match against SSC Napoli at the training center in Barcelona on March 11, 2024.
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Giving equal opportunities to everyone is only an optimistic dream at a club like Barcelona. In reality, the concept of survival of the fittest prevails and has always done so. Even now, within a cash-strapped and restricted Barcelona, only the best of the best become regulars for Xavi Hernandez.

However, this does not mean that all non-regular players do not deserve to be at Barcelona. There are many talented youngsters such as Vitor Roque who continue to struggle for the right opportunities, but are unable to find them due to the presence of immense competition.

Yet, in moments of desperation, even the most outcasted of players can find light. For Vitor Roque, his quality is undeniable but the chances have been almost non-existent. However, he will finally get his moment to shine against Cadiz at the Nuevo Mirandilla.

As highlighted by SPORT, Xavi has already confirmed in his pre-match press conference that his 19-year-old Brazilian forward will get his moment to shine against the upcoming opponents for FC Barcelona:

“He is a player who is giving us a lot even if he has no participation. Against Cádiz, he will have minutes because he deserves them and because we believe in him as a footballer.”

However, the Barcelona coach also pointed out the exact reasonings behind his lack of opportunities recently. Mainly pointing towards the adaptation for the player, he highlighted how Barcelona is helping him to understand and correct certain things:

“We are focusing a lot on how he should understand the game. We are placing a lot of emphasis on tactical aspects. He is a player who navigates space very well, and we will surely make the most of that.”

“He has innate qualities that are very important and come naturally to him. He has a lot of quality, but there are aspects he needs to learn, and that’s what we’re working on. We have prepared a video for him now where he should focus on certain things.”

Whatever the reasons may have been in the past, Roque’s presence against Cadiz will be telling. This is his opportunity to prove to Barcelona and the world that he belongs there, and showcase exactly why the club bets on him for the future.

They have no intention of selling him or even loaning him, but the 19-year-old Brazilian forward must also begin to reciprocate the trust they have in him for the upcoming years.

Raafay Humayun
Raafay Humayun
Raafay Humayun is a life-long fan of FC Barcelona and an avid enjoyer of all things Blaugrana. Having fallen in love with the club for the way they defined football for him, he now spends his time watching games, analyzing the happenings in them, and digesting any and everything related to his beloved Catalan club. He also writes as an author for Barca News Network hoping to deliver the latest updates to his fellow ‘culés’.

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