June 30th; deadline to balance accounts and allowing to not sell players like Frenkie

Fc Barcelona currently have a financial deficit of €100 million for this season. The club has until June 30th to tie up new deals to end the year in the positive and avoid a player sale like Frenkie de Jong.

Barca’s solutions for the economic situation

June 30th is the deadline day for Fc Barcelona to balance the accounts. It is indeed a very important day for them since the wage cap of the club for next season depends on it. They have a lot of work to do before the deadline, including closing the CVC deal, Licensing and Merchandising deals, and selling the 49 % stake of Barca studios.

As per Laliga rules, the wage cap of a club should be less than 70% of its revenue. They have already informed the club that their wage cap without accounting for the revenue for this year is at -€144 million.

This is an inflated figure and this doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to spend anything on wages. But, it is a warning sign for the club that they need quick ingestion of money from different sources to have a viable wage cap.

Fc Barcelona had closed a deal with Spotify. The club will earn €57.5 million each season as a result of the shirt sponsorship, and then €2.5 million in variables each campaign will see this figure rise to €60 million, which means €240 million over the four seasons. Barcelona will also earn €5million for each of the three years due to Spotify’s sponsorship of their training kit.

This indeed has helped their cause but is not enough to balance the books. The most advanced negotiation is the CVC deal. The club expects to receive around €300 million. In return, CVC will get 10% of audiovisual rights for 25 years instead of the initial 50 years. This deal counts as income instead of debt so it can help to raise the wage cap.

Fc Barcelona are working on selling 49% of the shares for Barca Licensing and Merchandising, which manages the sale of club-branded merchandise and shirts. The shares will be sold to US-based Fanatics and Investindustrial for €200 million.

The sale of a 49% stake in Barca Studios has already been approved by the members in the assembly. Revenues for this sale are expected to be €300 million.

The summer transfers of the club will be highly influenced by the club’s ability to close these deals. If all these deals go through, the club wouldn’t be forced to sell its important players like Frenkie De Jong and will also be able to register new players without much difficulty.

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