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Ali Khan Sherwani


Introducing Ali Khan Sherwani, a passionate aficionado of FC Barcelona and the visionary founder behind the esteemed Barca News Network. With unwavering devotion to the Catalan club, Ali has seamlessly blended his love for the sport with a keen journalistic spirit, giving rise to a platform that delivers unparalleled coverage of all things Barça.

Raafay Humayun


Ahmad Sarmad Ansari


Ahmad Sarmad Ansari is a seasoned sports journalist focusing particularly on Spanish football. With a passion for the beautiful game, Ahmad has carved out a niche in the world of sports reporting, particularly focusing on the ins and outs of one of the most iconic football clubs in the world. Ahmad’s commitment to delivering accurate, engaging, and insightful content has made him one of the leading contributors to Barca News Network. His in-depth analysis of FC Barcelona's matches, tactics, player profiles, transfer news, and the club's ever-evolving strategies has made him somewhat of a specialist for news and analysis on the Azulgrana club.

Barca Divine


Meet Shahraiz Sajjad, a Freelance Graphic Designer and football enthusiast specializing in Futbol Club Barcelona. With a keen eye for game analysis, Shahraiz not only crafts visually appealing graphics but also provides insightful content, offering a unique perspective on the world of FC Barcelona through the fusion of design and football expertise.

Ben Kantovich


Meet Ben Kantovich, a passionate writer and devoted lover of the beautiful game. Through his words, he brings the excitement and beauty of football to life, sharing unique perspectives with readers worldwide.