Barcelona will not force Frenkie and Ter Stagen for salary reduction

Barcelona will not force Frenkie and Ter Stagen for salary reduction

When it comes to the cases of Frenkie de Jong and Marc-André Ter Stegen, Barcelona want to handle them wisely. Last summer, the club pushed both to take pay cuts to make it easier to register new signings in an attempt to comply with financial fair play. However, the attempt to turn the supporters against both players by distributing public “messages” failed miserably.


Particularly in the case of the Dutchman, who not only refused to leave but also refused to take a seat to discuss a possible reduction. This action by the club, while it showed its commitment to following financial fair play rules, did not go over well with the players or their fans. The club has since committed itself to an entirely different roadmap.

The sporting department has long believed that the club is in the wrong when it employs the media to inform the players of its ambitions. And this is especially true when it comes to unfavourable plans for football players, such as a wage cut or a desire to exploit them.


Since they believe it is disrespectful to learn about these situations from the press, 99% of the players decide to further isolate themselves with the band. The club has therefore committed to communicating directly with their players, keeping them updated on all changes that might affect them.

Barcelona currently insists on honouring the contracts signed by Frenkie de Jong and Ter Stegen with Josep Maria Bartomeu’s board of directors. Given the club’s difficult financial circumstances, they believe that the initiative to review their contracts should come from both of them on Camp Nou’s main floor. What will not happen for the moment is that Barcelona will pursue the Dutch or German for a wage cut.


Barcelona are absolutely committed to the erstwhile Ajax player. After attempting to transfer him last summer, the club believes Frenkie is a strategic player: he is young, talented, and can play in a wide range of roles. At the time, the entity threatened Bartomeu with legal action, despite the fact that it was only a hasty order to get De Jong and Ter Stegen to agree to a contract reconsideration.

Furthermore, the Dutchman experiences the colors in a way that very few other foreigners have. Indeed, one of Barcelona’s concerns is that the midfielder will be enticed by a bid from the Premier League clubs or Bayern Munich.


The game has entirely shifted in a matter of months. De Jong has become a vital player due to the economic circumstances and the imminent departure of Busquets. At the same time, Barcelona know Frenkie is a winner, so he is apprehensive about the fact that if sporting success does not arrive soon, the player may consider a move to another club in the medium term (his contract expires in 2026).

Several teams are interested in Frenkie; however, the player’s environment will not listen to anything or anyone until next summer. De Jong will reassess his stance at that point. Although Barcelona was and remains a dream for him, the midfielder has not forgotten how he was treated in recent months. It is essential to remember that the club’s relationship with the Dutchman’s agent, Ali Dursun, is far from optimum after the incidents of the summer.


The club likes Ter Stegen’s athletic prowess as well as his character, and he will be joining the group of Captains in July. With the exception of the “threat” of contesting his present contract, relations with him and his entourage are cordial. Barcelona will like it if the German is willing to redefine his contract when the time comes, but they won’t put any pressure on him and much less so in light of the player’s remarkable form.


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