Lewandowski reveals his feelings in his press conference

Lewandowski spoke about his feelings on return to Munich, his adaptation at Barca, the potential of Pedri, Gavi, and Fati, the difference between La Liga and Bundesliga, and winning the Ballon d’Or in his press conference.

Lewandowski’s press conference

Lewandowski on his return to Munich:

“The game against Bayern was a big challenge for me. It was impossible for me to stop all those feelings. It was more than a sporting match for me, it was an emotional match. As soon as I entered the stadium. Although it was a strange feeling to go into another dressing room and warm up in another area.”

“But when you talk about feelings, you can’t silence them completely. Because it hasn’t been long since I left Bayern.”

Lewandowski on his adaptation at Barca:

“I feel great in Barcelona. The adaptation has been very good. I know it wasn’t easy to get here, but now I’m at Barca, which is where I wanted to be and that’s the most important thing.”

“I feel very comfortable at Barca, not only because of the club I came to but also because of the atmosphere. My teammates, staff, and everyone treat me well. Everything makes me feel very privileged at Barcelona.”

“I am learning how Barca works, and what their management is like. These are definitely new and very interesting experiences. These experiences change people’s perspective.”

Lewandowski on playing for Barca:

“Always having the opportunity to be in a club like this is an added value not only for the coming months and years but also for life. It’s like having new toys in my hands and playing with them. From the first days in Barcelona, I felt I was in the right place at the right time.”

Lewandowski on the defeat against Bayern:

“To be honest, we deserved to win against Bayern, or at least draw. The game against Bayern was a lesson for us. Before the game, we didn’t expect to be able to impose our style and create a lot of chances. This game showed that we can do that and create chances in complicated matches. I wanted to beat Bayern Munich and to score.”

“It’s true that we made mistakes. But I repeat, this match showed that we can create a lot of chances.”

Lewandowski on his reception at Allianz Arena:

“Bayern fans are very smart, they know how to differentiate between what is written in the media and the truth. After I signed for Barcelona I traveled to Munich and I said goodbye to the Bayern fans and I saw what they said to me and how they treated me.”

Lewandowski on the love from Barca fans:

“I didn’t expect Barca fans to start singing songs about me at Camp Nou. It makes me feel like I’ve been at Barcelona for a long time.”

The difference between La Liga and Bundesliga:

“The Bundesliga is more physical. In Spain, there are a lot of teams that try and want to play a special style of football. That’s how I see it right now.”

“In La Liga, there are a number of games in which teams spend their time defending, like the game against Elche. It was difficult for us because Elche were very well positioned in defense. Fortunately, I scored two goals and we won the game.”

Lewandowski on Barca’s young talent:

Pedri, Gavi, Ansu, Ferran… The amount of huge talents in one team is mind-blowing. They’re really talented. They’re always willing to talk and aren’t ashamed to ask questions. I share my knowledge with them. I can see in them all the potential and how quickly they can grow. That atmosphere makes me want to develop, improve and give my best all the time.”

Lewandowski on winning the Ballon d’Or:

“I know that Barcelona is the team where the most players have won the Ballon d’Or. I think there is a shorter way to the Ballon d’Or from Barca than from Bayern.”

Lewandowski on his move to Barca:

“My signing for Barca gave me a boost. It boosted my self-esteem. I knew I had to be a differential player in match results and I’m not afraid of this role. I feel very proud of myself.”

Lewandowski on learning Spanish:

“I already know a few words in Spanish. I learned how to order food in a restaurant. New culture, places, cities, these are the things I could definitely learn after a few weeks.”


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