Raphinha: I will crawl on my knees on the pitch if we win the UCL

Raphinha spoke about rejecting Chelsea and other offers to join Barca, the advice he got from Neymar, his childhood, managing popularity, Deco’s influence in his transfer, Alba and Pique’s role as club Captains, and his hobbies in an interview with La Vanguardia.

Raphinha’s interview with La Vanguardia

Raphinha on his desire to join Fc Barcelona:

“I followed Barcelona from a young age, since the arrival of Ronaldinho I began to understand the history of Barcelona. I wanted to be a part of it, so my desire was stronger than any financial offer.”

Raphinha on winning the Champions League with Barca:

“If we win the Champions League, I will crawl on my knees on the pitch. Apart from the talent that the team has, I think the most important thing is to have a winning mentality. And we have that.”

Raphinha on rejecting Chelsea’s offer:

“I rejected Chelsea’s offer because my dream was to wear the Barcelona shirt.”

Raphinha on his welcome at the club:

“Without a doubt the warm welcome of the fans, the coaching staff, and the players, everyone is good and looking to help the new players.”

Raphinha on seeking advice from Neymar before joining Barca:

“I talked to Neymar about a move and he told me that if I get to Barcelona then I won’t regret and he was right.”

Raphinha on Lewandowski:

“Lewandowski is a great player and when you are with him you understand and know that he is more than just a captain.”

Raphinha on the call he received from Xavi before joining Barca:

“Xavi called me when I made the decision to join Barca, and talking to him got my excitement even more up. He asked me to play the same roles as I did at Leeds, but with more tactics and without fear.”

Raphinha on Deco’s influence on his move:

“He always praises Barcelona and the things he lived here, but as an agent, he is very neutral on these issues. He analyzes the pros and cons of every decision you make, but it is the player who decides where to go.”

Raphinha on the role of Alba and Pique as captains:

“A captain’s job is much more than just playing and wearing the armband. It also means helping and sending positive messages to give confidence to the team. Pique and Alba comply with everything.”

Raphinha on the differences between Bielsa and Xavi:

“Bielsa’s playing style is very peculiar, but he’s always very respectful with the ball. Xavi is different in the way he manages and coordinates the team.”

Raphinha on his childhood:

“I was born in La Restinga, a very poor neighborhood in Porto Alegre. I had a very poor childhood, so to speak. But my family taught me that humility and values ​​are much more important than material things and that has saved me on many occasions.”

Raphinha on managing popularity:

“I’m a footballer but I have been in the place of the fan. I have asked for autographs, I have asked for photos, and now whenever I can I stop to sign myself. It’s always very gratifying to see how people appreciate you.”

Raphinha on his hobbies:

“I like above all to be with my family, with my wife, my parents when they come, and my brothers. I also enjoy walking, walking my dog ​​, and watching movies of all kinds.”

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